Sunday, December 23, 2012

We'd Like to Politely Interrupt Your Baking Day with Snow!

So here it is - December 23 - and no cookies or goodies have yet been baked!!


Slight panic attack on part because for some reason - (probably instilled in me by my mother who always made 10,000 times too many of any one treat yet still found the time to make about 50 different kinds of holiday goodies) - I feel this deep urge to be a baking Godess/Donna Reed at this time of year!

So after we woke up from our previous evening of fun at the family Christmas party (can you believe I didn't get one picture?!?!? Too bad too because it was A LOT of fun!) I was determined to get down to baking business. 

I quickly hammered out an ENORMOUS batch of fudge. 
Not sure why I felt I had to make fudge but I feel you just can't have Christmas without fudge. 

Then, it was on to chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I made these a few years back and absolutely loved them. This year, I made a TON! Shocking, right?!

Once the goodies were out of the way, it was REALLY time to get down to business.
Sugar cookie business.
Otherwise known as: "The Most Time Consuming Baking Activity Known to Mankind."

Think about it.
You have to make the dough. (You could buy it, but not as good.)
Chill the dough. Bring dough back to room temperature. (This takes time.)
Roll out the dough. (Call me crazy but I hate rolling out dough.)
Cut out the shapes! (yay!! fun part until you realize after you've used all the dough and you didn't do one Christmas tree cut-out which is your favorite. UGH!)
Bake cookies. (Careful, oh so careful not to undercook or overcook.)
Make the frosting. (Again, could buy but...)
Finally, finally, finally, it's time to decorate!!

nope. just kidding. not time yet....

No, its time to color all the frosting and put the frosting in little pipette bags (is that what they are called?) and you never have enough pipettes or bags or frosting to do all the colors you want to do.
And at this point, the thought of making more frosting or cleaning out a pipette bag is enough to send a kitchen aid mixer bowl through a plate glass window. 
For the record, haven't actually done the above but I have thought about it.

Moving on.
Pipettes are filled. Sprinkles are ready to rock.
It is finally, finally time for the good times to roll!
Only now it is 10 o'clock at night and you have a 100 cookies to frost and decorate.

Sound fun, right? 

On this particular day, with the above mentioned sugar cookie making regime staring me in the face, I knew in my heart of hearts I was not up to it. I didn't have the time or the energy and throw in two girls who wanted to eat the frosting and sprinkles, make HUGE messes, help, it was enough for me to leave Santa a rain check on his cookies. 

But a Christmas without sugar cookies is like a Christmas without presents, so I battled through and we got the dough made and the shapes cut and baked!! 

When it comes to making large numbers of sugar cookies, I've found it to be helpful - efficient, if you will - to run a pretty tight ship. Keep messes to a minimum. No eating dough or playing with the flour - god forbid you get some on the floor and have ANOTHER mess to pick up on top of the 10,000 dishes you are going to have to do when all this "fun" baking is over.

But this year, I let go.
I let go of picture perfect cookies. I let go of not spilling on the floor (kind of) and you know what?

We had a lot of fun.
The girls loved every single second. 

And even better, right in the middle of cookie decorating, we abandoned ship because it started DUMPING snow!
The most snow I have ever seen at our house.
It snowed and it snowed and it snowed some more. 

So we went outside and we played, 

and we played

we snow-angeled

and we played some more!

My favorite. I made a "track" in the snow in the shape of a heart and told Charlotte she was the train. She rain along that "track" choo-chooing her head off for what seemed like an hour!

Then she got cold.
And tired.

So she retired to the house.

Grace tried to lure her back out but Charlotte was done.

So Grace carried on out in the snow by herself. Happy as a clam.
And the cookies waited. 

Then Dad came home

and the real fun began!

A snowman was made.
Not sure what Grace thinks of him...

Memories made!

And the cookies?
Welllll, the cookies were eventually decorated. 

Large quantities of sprinkles were spilled and eaten.
Frosting was dripped and spread all about not to mention eaten.
Caught red-handed!

Mission accomplished.
Memories made!

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