Saturday, December 1, 2012

North Pole Breakfast {2012}

The Second Annual North Pole Breakfast kicked off bright and early this morning!

Elfie, our little shelf on the elf, comes on the first day of December 
to help us countdown the days until Christmas!

From what Elfie told me, he arrived very early that morning. Around 4 I hear.
To set things up and get the cocoa and donuts ready!

Charlotte was the first to rise.

It didn't take her long to realize what was happening...and to find the donuts!

Grace woke up not long after.

These photos crack me up!
Surprise and delight all masked in sleepiness.

But she was wide awake upon spotting the donuts!

The treats and hot cocoa kept their attention for quite awhile.

They then started to notice other goodies Elfie had brought.

A special mailbox only for Elf communication. 
Elfie had brought a note to each of the girls...

...Elfie had a lot to say!

Along with a note, Elfie brought an advent calendar...the kind with the chocolate! 
I loved these as a kid and so do the girls!

Elfie also brought back all of our favorite Christmas movies!

Elfie likes to watch the movies during his off season so he 
takes them back to the North Pole when he leaves. 
[Mom likes that the movies are out of the house so that they are only watched during the time of the year where it is special...and so mom doesn't lose her mind come July!] 

Charlotte drank her weight in hot cocoa

and was a bit more fixed on the candy than anything else 
Elfie had hauled all the way from the North Pole.

We quickly discovered that Charlotte LOVES candy canes...

and Grace does not.

As soon as everyone had had their fill, we sat down - still in our jammies - for our first 2012 viewing of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

It was a special morning....but still so far from over!!

The girls didn't know notice a few additions to our North Pole Breakfast tradition.
See the envelopes below?
A new advent calendar was introduced this year and it QUICKLY became a favorite!
Each day the girls were to each open an envelope.
Inside were little goodies - candy, stickers and some little ornaments for their own Christmas trees that Elfie brought. Elfie is one thoughtful guy!

It wasn't until after showers that Charlotte noticed the envelopes. 

We quickly opened the first one as we were on our way out the door to Grace's ballet rehearsal.

Some sweet candy garland from our sweet Elfie! 

Fingers crossed that these trees do the trick and keep curious fingers away from our real tree!

Can't wait to see what else Elfie has in store for us!
Happy advent season! 

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