Thursday, December 1, 2011

North Pole Breakfast 2011

{First, I can take no responsibility in coming up with North Pole Breakfast - an annual celebration to welcome our little Elf Friend.
I found it here.
I don't know how or where I came across this blog but she is a creative genius and everything she does is warm and with love. She is one fantastic and creative mama....and I hope that through her inspiration I can send a little of that warmth and love to Grace and Charlotte.} without further ado

I got up at 4 am today - thus the bad lighting {again} in all my pictures - to help Elfie (our Elf on the Shelf) get his breakfast prepared for the girls! What a way to kick off the holiday season!

Elfie found a FREE Merry Christmas banner  (the day before he showed up) and asked me to assemble it so I literally put this together the morning of. 

Elfie LOVES Santa so it made sense to be surrounded by our Santa collection as we welcomed Elfie for the next 24 nights. He brought small gifts for the girls, advent calendars and breakfast!
Breakfast consisted of powdered sugar donuts - because they look snow covered - and hot cocoa! Mmmm!

Did you know that Elves love candy? Particularly Christmas candy?
Well they do! They love it!
And to show Elfie our love and appreciation we set out our gingerbread houses...kind of like leaving cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve!

The girls upon waking up.
It took Grace a bit to warm up....Charlotte squealed with joy almost instantaneously on seeing the breakfast spread.
I think Grace recognized it was a Kodak moment...I was flashing away...and thus made it that more special by giving her little sister a big kiss!

I kept asking Grace to smile... It cracks me up!
I finally asked her to show me sad...and the bottom right is what she came up with. 

Donuts straight from the North Pole.

Charlotte didn't like the donuts! Or the cocoa for that matter. NOT.ONE. BIT! hahahh

So the entire point of the North Pole breakfast is to welcome Elfie, of course, but it is also the perfect time to kick off the advent season! I love me a good countdown!

Elfie consulted a few family members on what kind of advent calendars the girls would like.
Auntie M suggested the kind with chocolate...who doesn't love a chocolate surprise each day while counting down to the best day of the year, right?

And Nana knows how much Grace loves the Disney princesses so....what's better than opening TWO advent calendars each day?!

The first chocolates from the advent calendar! 


Elfie wrote notes to the girls explaining how happy he was to be with us again and that he's hoping each girl will be good so he can give Santa a good report when he flies home to the North Pole each night!
He also brought a DVD for the girls that is a movie ALL about Elfie and it explains why they can't touch him or else he'll lose his Christmas magic!
(Man why didn't I think of a little Elf and all the stuff you can market right along with it? I'm thinking the Easter Bunny might need a side kick? Thoughts?)

Elfie brought little gifts as well! He is SUCH a nice guy!
Balloons - a BIG hit!

North Pole breakfast was coming to an end but Elfie had one more trick up his sleeve. Cleverly wrapped in paper all the way from the North Pole (candy can wrapping paper hehehe) Elfie had something special for each girl. Charlotte couldn't wait to start unwrapping...

and Grace couldn't wait to plug in her NEW Santa night light...

He's pretty cute! And he gives their rooms a special Christmas-y glow when we turn out the lights!

So that was our first annual North Pole Breakfast! We look forward to hosting Elfie this holiday season and in the years to come!
If you host a North Pole breakfast, I'd love to hear about...or better yet, see pictures!

Happy Holidays!


Julia said...

This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

ADORABLE!!! LOVE your banner too! And your girls...oh my, they are too precious for words!!

Merry Christmas!