Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

 While my plan was to get up super early on Christmas Eve to get a crack at my to-do list before the little ones woke up...

that didn't happen! We spent a leisurely morning snuggling in bed before finally getting up and tackling some of the prep work for Christmas Day dinner.

Lucky for me, I only had one meal to plan for this year as Christmas Eve dinner was being prepared by Manna and Boppa.

We decided it best to spread our reindeer food BEFORE dinner so that it was still light outside and we could capture some pictures.

Reindeer food 

We decided to put it on the porch so the camera...uh I mean reindeer were sure to find it!

Can you even believe the weather? It was a bit nippy but no snow!

After Christmas Eve dinner, we started a new tradition.
We decided to go look at lights!
I don't think I have the correct lens for night photos but this was a great light display of a tractor out in the middle of no where all lit up!

Finally, we decided to head home! There was still work to be done in order to get ready for Santa!
But on the way home, we ran into a drive thru nativity!
Basically, a local church set up an outside nativity display and at the entrance they gave you a CD. As you drove through, the CD played music and told you the story of Baby Jesus. It was actually pretty cool and the people involved were quite committed because it was REALLY cold at this point! 

This was the only picture that "turned out". It just looks sort of cool but in the waaayy back you can see the star the wise men did all of us in our cars!

Once we got home, it was time to write our letters to Santa, put out our cookies and say good bye to Elfie as he would be heading back to the North Pole tonight.

The handwriting is ours but the words are all Grace's! Oh! That's her own signature too!

Charlotte's signature.

Once the girls were asleep, we cranked up the Christmas music and cracked open and bottle of wine! Our favorite Christmas tradition!!

Now it was just time to sit back and wait for Santa to come!

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