Thursday, December 15, 2011

Check Up

Not that we aren't busy enough without squeezing in a trip to the doctor an hour away!
But we had to do it! So off we went to see how Grace is growing!

Three year olds get the full service treatment - complete with hospital gown covered in penguins and whales!

I think Grace might be coming out of her shy phase. She answered the doctor's questions all loudly enough and clearly enough that he could understand her.
She even told him she wanted to be a doctor when he busted out his stethoscope.

As for Grace's stats:
Height 37 1/4" (53%)
Weight 31.5 lbs. (60%)

So a bit of a shift...she is now slightly heavier than tall but overall in good shape!

Even this munchkin in did well.

She said thank you when the doctor gave her back her snack trap that had fallen to the floor!


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