Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to School Means Back to Blogging

Weeelllll helloo there! (said in Mrs. Doubtfire's most excited voice! (RIP Robin Williams).

It goes without saying that this space has been dead as a door nail for the past year and half or so. With Grace starting kindergarten last year I really wanted to soak up my time with her and Charlotte. It was time well spent and I don't regret it for a second. I DO wish I'd been able to write down a snippet here or there - just for my memory's sake - I seriously can't remember a thing unless I write it down, but alas, I didn't. I only have the 10,000 photos locked away in my phone to trigger my memories which will have to suffice.

Now that Grace is in first grade (um, how did that happen?) and Charlotte is in pre-kinder (which is crazy because I feel like she is ready ready for college but for the fact she can't read) I have a couple of hours to myself. So I am hoping that I can manage a blog post here and there!

It's kind of a crazy schedule this year. Even though I have some time sans children it really isn't conducive to getting a lot done. (Although it is slowly preparing me for how quiet the house will be once they are both gone all day - audio books are filling the void very nicely!)

Grace gets to school at 8. Then, Charlotte and I have about three hours to "kill" until she has to eat lunch and get to school. After dropping Charlotte off around noon, I have about two hours (M, T TH & F) until I have to pick her up. Then the MADNESS begins!

Charlotte gets out at 2:45 - Grace at 2:50. Their schools are a 10 minute drive apart. Luckily, the teachers at Charlotte's school are awesome and knowing my predicament have being letting Charlotte out a few minutes early - which won't always be the case - but it sure helps! Once I have both kids safely buckled in their car seats, it is go time! Piano, soccer, tennis...I am quickly learning that every hour without kids during the day multiplies into about four hours of mayhem post-pickup. So for all you mothers (and fathers) out there thinking life will "change" once the kids are in school full time...I hate to burst your bubble...but life just gets crazier. Crazier meaning busier. Crazier sounds bad. Shall we say fuller?

All the activities take a lot of work and time but are worth it. To see your child score their very first soccer goal or for that matter not score any goals but are happy nonetheless just to be outside running around with new friends is priceless. It is life changing - for you AND your child. These seemingly small moments - each that have taken countless hours of practice and driving, behind the scenes snack and dinner prepping and sitting in the hot/cold/wind - they add up. They add up to a rich life - one that money can't buy, one that is funded only by love. These are busy years but ones I know I will miss all too soon.

We kicked off the school year with our annual back to school breakfast! We were anticipating a strike but luckily a timely agreement was reached. 

Aside from donuts, the girls each receive a few little treats...

The little journal is super fun! We do it before bed time each night as part of the bedtime routine. I think it will be fun to look back at how their opinions change and how their handwriting/vocabulary changes. Plus it works as a great transition to story time which is just one step closer to bedtime! 
The other book is substitute for a scrapbook. I wish, wish, wish I could pull together an awesome scrapbook filled with photos and tidbits but I can't. I save all the good stuff. School pictures, ticket stubs to plays, award piles up! I wanted a spot where I could put all the good stuff - not just for this year but in the years to come. The School Years Record Book allows me to easily keep track of all the "good stuff" my kids bring home!

Grace was so excited for school to start. She marked off each day on her calendar and had a difficult time falling asleep for weeks before the first day. 

They were even treated to a trip to the nail salon!

Finally, the big day was upon us!

Obligatory first day photos...outfit, backpack and the MUST HAVE lunch box!

Charlotte started two weeks after Grace but was just as ready!

I love how the backpacks are bigger than the kid at this age! 

Charlotte is all about accessories. This outfit was chosen JUST so she could wear her doggy necklace from Grandma on the first day!

We forgot to hold up of "first day" sign at home. Luckily, the preschool had us covered! Charlotte was a bit under the weather the first few days of school so her smiles were a bit -shall we say - forced!?

Here she is - today - in the dress I made her for back to school! 

She has only four more days left as a four year old.