Friday, July 31, 2009

48 Sticks of Butter

The thought hit me a week or so ago that one pound is equivalent to four sticks of butter. Think about that. Four sticks of butter.

Now imagine 48 sticks of butter.

Forty-eight sticks of butter is how much weight I still need to lose before I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. UGH.

For some reason, I just thought the weight would come off...without starving myself...I mean, without trying. That just like the weight "magically" appeared over the course of nine months, it would "magically" disappear the same way. It hasn't. It doesn't. At least not for me.

So I am recommitting myself to reaching my pre-pregnancy weight...sooner rather than later. Operation Butterball is on!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beating the Heat

Our pool isn't working...again...which is really convenient considering it has been in the 100s for the last two weeks and it seems like it will continue ...oh...until October. (Have I mentioned I love summer?) In order to beat the heat, I bought a baby pool.

A few things I wish I had known BEFORE buying the pool.

1) Do not buy an inflatable baby pool. They are REALLY annoying. I thought the inflatable one would be great because "the-rainforest-like-canopy" would provide shade and it would be easy to store but it doesn't and it's not. Not to mention, you have to constantly add air. It could quite possibly be one of the most annoying things in the world...aside from 100 degree temperatures, of course.

2) Make sure you inflate said baby pool OUTSIDE. (I wish I had realized that before I nearly passed out inflating the damn thing!)

Jury is still out on what Grace thinks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Soliciting Advice

For months, I've been on the receiving end of advice that I did not want or did not need or both...but now I need help and I am hoping that you, loyal reader, will read, react and respond. Here goes...

Finger foods. They are killing me...or I should say...almost killing Grace. She is now able to get them in her mouth and for the last couple of days she's been doing great. She'd gag a bit when swallowing but most of the time she'd crunch them up with her gums or they would dissolve.

Until today.

She put one of those Gerber puff things in her mouth and choked. As in not breathing. C-H-O-K-E-D. I can't even begin to tell you how quickly I reacted. Vampire-speed-quick! (The Twilight fans will know what I am talking about.) I ripped her out of that high chair, flipped her onto her stomach and pounded on her back to dislodge the food. To give you a visual...

Court was home, sleeping, and I screamed for him and I swear, I didn't even blink, and he was by our sides. Eventually, the puff either dissolved or she swallowed it. Honestly, I don't know how she choked on the damn thing. They literally dissolve in seconds. She was fine. A bit scared (although I couldn't tell what scared her more - choking or me and Court's reaction to her choking). Within minutes, she was "talking" and crawling after the dogs.

I know gagging is a normal reflex for babies when learning to swallow and eat but now I AM SCARED TO DEATH to give her any more finger foods. The books say a kid her age should be eating cut up/mashed pieces of whatever we are eating or things like Cheerios but there is NO WAY I am ready for that. She might be, but I'm totally not! My legs still feel like a picnic...on a REALLY hot day. (It boggles my mind that Cheerios are a recommended starter food for babies! In my mind, nothing could scream choking hazard more!) I fear, that if left to my own devices, Grace will be 8 years old and still eating pureed sweet potatoes and bananas out of a jar.

That's where you come in...hopefully. Have you...or should I say, has your baby, experienced this? When did you introduce finger foods and how did you do it? Which foods worked for your baby?

Hope you will share your stories and/or advice. I am all ears.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farm Life

Although it is beautiful here this time of year, I hate the summer.

There are many reasons why summer is my least favorite season, but the main reason is simple...


This is a hard season...for farming...for family...for fun. While everyone else is camping or road tripping, Court is working. While everyone else is boating or drinking margaritas during happy hour, Court is working...and lately, while everyone else is guessed it, Court is working. His work ethic is beyond impressive and I am so thankful for all that he does.

That said, I can't imagine raising our "little farmer" anywhere else.

Align Right

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sippy Cup = Sleeping

About a month ago, I gave Grace her first sippy cup. It went surprisingly well. She ripped it right out of my hands and went to town gnawing on the spout and slurping down the water. Cliche I know, but it looked like she had been drinking out of a cup her entire life...all 6.5 months of it!

Just a few days ago, I caught her on video drinking out of her cup. The facial expressions are a mother...of a daughter...named Grace.

With the introduction of the cup, came the end of breast feeding. Now before you go lecturing me on how babies should breastfeed for at least a year...and that mothers who do anything less are committing crimes against it! It wasn't me that called it quits. Grace let me know that she was D-O-N-E and you know what, since we stopped, she seems happier. (Probably because she is no longer starving!) In fact, a few days after nursing was caput, guess who slept through the night? Yep! A tummy laden with formula, rice cereal and solid food did the trick! She has been consistently sleeping through the night for a little over a week...well, except for two nights ago. That was a rough night. Two steps forward, one step back, right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Just in case you try to contact me and I don't get back to you as swiftly as I normally would,
cut me some slack. I kinda got my hands full!

Although, I had forgotten how much work puppies are, he is great.
His name is Copper. He's a keeper.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jail Break!

I knew the day would come when she would want to break out...

to spread her wings...

to do things on her own...

I just didn't realize it would be so soon!

I think she was more shocked than I was that she was able to pull herself up.

This new "talent" is definitely making nap time a bit tricky...

as nap time has now turned into playtime.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


They say you can't tell a child's handedness until much later...
but I think she may be a lefty...or really uncoordinated.

P.S. I think Lindey is realizing the benefits of having a baby in the house.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grace, Grammy and a New Baby!

Grammy was recently in town for a visit and when she arrived, you would have thought it was Christmas. Toys! Toys! and more toys! In honor of Grace learning how to crawl, we decided what better way to celebrate than a toy that encourages (read as "requires") walking...

a new baby doll and stroller!

Left...right...left, right, left!
Grammy began the drills...I mean, the training, I mean, I mean...the fun!

While Grammy was interested in helping Grace push her baby in the stoller (aka "walk"), Grace was far more interested in thanking her grandma for all the wonderful new toys. Grace initiated several cuddles with Grammy...

So they cuddled...

and cuddled a bit more...

And by the end, Grammy was thanking Grace!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven Months

To commemorate Grace turning seven months old today,
I am posting some of the pictures from her six month photo session.

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(She was actually only 5.5 months when these were taken, but who's counting?!)

As you can see, we are still on the hunt for a decent family photo.
Strangers appear to have more chemistry in pictures than we do in this one! UGH!!

Her three month photo session wasn't much better...

Grace's nine months photos are set for mid-Septmember. Third time is a charm right?
We ought to be able to pose for at least one decent family photo in nine months...right?!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Auntie M came for a visit.

::::::::::If only it were this easy to get them to laugh when they were teenagers!!::::::::::

Monday, July 6, 2009

Scratch that...

Ladies and Gentleman...
(insert drum roll here)
introducing the world's newest crawler!

Let the child proofing begin!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

And We're Back!

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's post, my computer is back. It has been repaired and cleaned up...(it had over 50 viruses on it!) but it just isn't the same. I didn't lose any pictures of Grace - THANK GOD - but I did lose everything I had ever downloaded or bookmarked...which doesn't sound like a lot until it happens to you and you realize that you have downloaded and bookmarked A LOT of stuff. I have spent most of the weekend trying to get this machine back to "normal" but my computer isn't cooperating. It's running slow, programs I previously ran are being prevented from downloading and web pages won't load on the first, second or third try. It is driving me insane! Verdict is still out on what is worse - no computer or a computer that doesn't run properly. What I do know is that this little number from Apple is looking better and better by the minute!

Anyway, not too many blog-worthy things occurred while my computer was out of commission. Just a few updates so we are all on the same page.

1. Grace remains toothless (I am hoping that this is an indicator of when puberty will start) and she still is not fluidly crawling. (She is SO close. She can move her arms forward and her legs forward but she just can't seem to coordinate her arms and legs at the same time! This is not stopping her from somehow dragging or rolling herself to whichever toy or binky she is after. It is so fun to watch!) She also took her first ride on Lilly Lamb and loved it! I think we might have a true cowgirl on our hands!

2. At Grace's sixth month appointment, (by the way, still totally in shock that she is 6 MONTHS OLD even though as I write this she is closer to 7 months!!) she weighed 15.2 lbs - only the 30% percentile. Bean pole status continues!

Although the new-age mommy fad is to NOT vaccinate your child (a crime against humanity if you ask me) Grace will be vaccinated. In fact, she received a bunch of shots at her last appointment. While I believe vaccinations are worth it in the long run, the short term can be a bit difficult. The 3-4 days follwoing her appointment, no sleeping occurred in our house and I mean NO SLEEPING! She was up almost every hour during the night and took very few naps during the day. Even though we were all tired and cranky, I wouldn't forego the vaccinations and I definitely wouldn't forego the caffeine. This cup says it all folks!

2. My mom came for a visit and definitely spoiled us! Not only did she relieve me of some of my daily duties - cleaning, cooking, etc. - she babysat Grace allowing Court and I to enjoy not only a night out on the town, but a bike ride as well!

3. My brother, John Andrew, has joined us again for the summer and is working on the farm. We are extremely excited to have him but probably even more excited for the puppy he is getting next week! Yep, a puppy! A miniature Goldendoodle to be exact.

This is the pup that is coming home on July 14! He doesn't have a name yet but he is just cute as a button, don't you think? It is definitely going to be a full house this summer!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

I know it is my first 4th of July and you want to document it so that one day, long from now, we can look back and say "Can you believe you were that little?" or "Look how 'dorable you were!"...but please, pictures. I'm really not in the mood.

I know my 4th of July outfit is cute...but please, no pictures! Not today. It's REALLY hot outside.

Hmmm, did I not make myself clear about the picture taking??

Maybe this will do the trick...


Happy Fourth of July!