Monday, September 26, 2011

Charlotte's Vintage Carousel 1st Birthday Party

Bear with me. I was going to do a lot of fancy editing and put together a handful of collages from the pictures from Charlotte's 1st birthday party.  Like this one.

But me and this little thing called perfectionism was slowing me waaayyy down, so I decided to just throw em up on the blog.

Soooo....Charlotte's 1st birthday party had the theme of Vintage Carousel. It was completely inspired by the cake topper you can see in the upper left. I found it while I was pregnant with Charlotte and the instant I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it and that it HAD to be the decor at Charlotte's 1st birthday party. 

Next came the invites (above right). I did do some fancy editing on the invite so that you all couldn't see my contact details but you get the overall gist. I love that the invites have the safari animals like the cake topper.
Let me tell you, most carousels have horses. I know. I've been looking at carousel stuff for the past two months.

I ain't no Amy Atlas. That is for sure. But I sure did have fun planning and putting together this party.
Here are a few pictures from the dessert table.

There's nothing like throwing a party to remind you of all the serving platters, cake stands and linens that you DON'T have. Needless to say, I've got a new hobby. 
Collecting all the platter, cake stand and linens that I might need to use at a hypothetical party in the future.

 This year, I went with buying birthday cakes. We all remember what happened at Grace's 1st birthday party.  Aside from the main cake, the birthday girl got her very own smash cake.

I did make the cupcakes. From scratch. I can't claim responsibility for the darling cake toppers though. They were purchased.

Goody bags are really my thing. A birthday party just isn't a birthday party without a goody bag. So each guest received a little bag filled with goodies - bubbles, candy, tops - I tried to stay in the theme of carousel. Each guest also received a bank with his or her name on it.

A birthday party is not complete, of course, without a birthday girl!
Charlotte made a late entrance because her nap was just too good and too deep. That's ok because when she did get up, she was ready to party!

Not sure if you can see her shirt. It is a pink and purple circus tent with her name on it!
Couldn't find anything cute enough that didn't have carousel horses on it.

The tutu was so big and puffy it nearly pulled her over.

The birthday girl was even nice enough to pose for a few pics with Auntie M.

And even birthday girls have to stop for a bu-bu break. Good thing we had lots of extra hands around!

Moving on to the kiddie table.
This is where the kids sat for dinner.

They each got their very own party hat.

I used plastic utensils and plates. It would be nice to be able to use real flatware but we needed a quick clean-up. You know how they say the first birthday is really about the parents?
Well, we took that to heart. 
Charlotte's birthday party was the day before her REAL birthday. Court and I headed to Las Vegas on Charlotte's REAL birthday.
Yes, we realize we are no longer in the running for parents of the year.
And yes, we realize we were out of that running looong ago.

The party hats were a hit and SO stinking cute on all the kids!

Ok so I know you are asking what's that pretty puffy thing in the middle of the table?

So glad you asked! 
The kids all thought they were suckers...they were so sweet and sugary looking.

But they were actually "fairy" wands kept in the theme of the cake topper...naturally!

I wasn't sure if the kids would "get" what they were but it was REALLY cute watching them run around with their wands!

Dinner was a flurry of me and Court getting food prepared, guests and children seated...all while trying to make engaging conversation. We served hot dogs, corn on the cob, caesar and fruit salads (our attempt at theme food).

In the entertainment department, we had a bean bag toss and a fun game we played in the baby pool but it quickly turned to a game of who-can-get-naked-first so I will not be posting any of those pictures.

But the main event was Charlotte's birthday present...a bounce house.

Grace didn't like it. Not. One. Bit.

And now...what you've all been patiently waiting for...

Charlotte vs. The Cake

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

I was able to sneak into one picture...

as was Court.
We were so busy!

She LOVED the cake! Especially the frosting! 
My goodness it was fun to watch her...especially when she licked the frosting off of her fingers.
You've got to check out the video below.

Miss Charlotte. 


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Anonymous said...

What a fun party! Everything turned out just beautiful! Charlotte looks adorable. And I love the carousel theme.