Saturday, September 3, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

We are falling apart around here - literally. A trip to the ER for Court. A root canal last week for me. And now this! 

During our very routine dinner time hour - and by very routine - I mean sheer chaos...Grace took on her task of setting the table. She loves setting the table and takes great pride in her chore. She is responsible for getting out the placemats, placing them on the table, putting the forks and spoons on the table (not the knives) and the napkins. (The napkins are the funniest party. She wads a sheet of paper towels into tiny balls and puts them on our placemats.) Once this is all accomplished she says "Ta Da!! Good job Grace!" 

As I was saying, our evening hour was cruising along. I was in the midst of doing something when I saw Grace coming at me doing the silent cry. You know the one...where the child is in so much pain/shock they've lost the ability to get air in and out of their lungs which scares them even more so they can't cry until five minutes post injury?? Apparently, while getting the placemats out of the cabinet, she slammed her head into the door. She banged herself pretty good. A small cut over her right eye start bleeding - but not gushing - like most head injuries. 

Lucky for us her, a princess bandaid and a chocolate chip cookie was enough to do the trick - no stitches required!

 Looks like she is gonna live! 

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