Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Since Grace's first day of school I haven't slept much. Do you know that feeling you get before a big test or a big presentation or just something BIG that you are nervous or anxious about and before you fall asleep all you can do is mull it over and over in your mind while the pit in your stomach grows bigger and bigger? 
That's the way I've been feeling about Grace and school.
In an effort to help Grace get more comfortable when I am not around I signed her up for a ballet class here in town. It is a half hour once a week and yesterday was the first day. There is only one other little girl in the class but I think that is perfect. Small and simple!
I walked Grace into the studio. Charlotte was in the backpack otherwise I'm sure she would have tried to join right in! I introduced Grace to her instructor and sat down quietly in the corner as the girls started their warm-up.

I could tell Grace was a little unsure but we've been talking and reading a lot of books about ballet.
In fact, she's so excited about ballet - and getting a red tutu - that she has initiated potty training all by herself. (I told her the only way to get a tutu was to do ballet and the only way to ballet was to use the potty.) So far so good!
She has been doing great and it is all 'her idea'.
I guess what they say is true...bribing kids works when they are ready, they are ready!
Anyway, back to ballet.
I sat in the corner of the studio with Charlotte as the girls warmed up. I think my presence was making it hard for the instructor so when Grace wasn't looking I hid where I could still see Grace but she couldn't see me.
Success! No tears!
(Looks like I am on the market for a red tutu!)

This cracked me up. The instructor wanted the girls to walk across the floor on their tiptoes and then twirl in the hula hoop. There could be no better task to assign Grace because she walks on her tip toes ALL THE TIME! I mean ALL THE TIME...so here was her chance to put all her "practice" to good use!

She eventually caught on but still it made me laugh. Getting through ballet with no tears was a big step for Grace...and me! I could literally feel her confidence level boost! When we talked about it the car she told me she had fun and liked the music...and that she didn't cry!
Baby steps people! Baby, tip-toeing, ballerina baby steps!

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