Friday, September 23, 2011

Charlotte's TV Debut

We are preparing for Charlotte's first birthday. Slightly in denial but preparing nonetheless.
It's been a fun, full and whirlwind-quick year.
So to kick off the festivities, we wished Charlotte a happy first birthday on TV of course!

Me videoing the TV...

and what it looked like on the broadcast.

Wait for it! They save the best for last! ;)


Anonymous said...

So cute! I cannot believe she is already one year old. Seems like it was just yesterday your announced her arrival on your blog. My Charlotte just turned two and a half last week. It goes by way too fast. Hope she had a great first birthday!


Home Sweet Home Place said...

Thanks Julia! It does go by fast...just curious, how many children do you have? Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hi, we have one daughter and she is a sweet and very busy two and a half year old!

Take care,