Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspirational Service

This past weekend we went to a memorial service for a relative of a relative of mine who was a remarkable woman.  It is crazy the things we only find out about people after they pass. For one, she kept an opposite-of-a-bucket-list list. Meaning, instead of writing down all the meaningful things she hoped to do some day, she wrote down all the things that she did EACH day that were meaningful. She glorified the significance in each day instead of hoping that tomorrow would bring whatever today failed to reveal. 
Her children, friends and husband all spoke - a feat beyond measure in my book. When the tables are turned, I doubt I'll be able to find the next breath let alone words. 

   While the circumstances of our gathering were unfortunate, the location was heaven-sent for kids - and big kids - alike!

Western Washington. Gig harbor area - on the water. It was pretty awesome. The sun was shining. You could see Mt. Rainier. It really doesn't get much better.
(For the record, I wouldn't be opposed to finding a summer cabin in my stocking at Christmas! Just sayin'!)

A rocky beach! Charlotte was in heaven. 
She hasn't met a rock that she doesn't want to carry, hold, love or eat!

Grace kept busy by throwing rocks into the water.

It was a sad and emotional day.  The service was right in the middle of nap time so neither girl slept. Towards the end, they were ready to go.  

Especially Charlotte.

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