Sunday, July 5, 2009

And We're Back!

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's post, my computer is back. It has been repaired and cleaned up...(it had over 50 viruses on it!) but it just isn't the same. I didn't lose any pictures of Grace - THANK GOD - but I did lose everything I had ever downloaded or bookmarked...which doesn't sound like a lot until it happens to you and you realize that you have downloaded and bookmarked A LOT of stuff. I have spent most of the weekend trying to get this machine back to "normal" but my computer isn't cooperating. It's running slow, programs I previously ran are being prevented from downloading and web pages won't load on the first, second or third try. It is driving me insane! Verdict is still out on what is worse - no computer or a computer that doesn't run properly. What I do know is that this little number from Apple is looking better and better by the minute!

Anyway, not too many blog-worthy things occurred while my computer was out of commission. Just a few updates so we are all on the same page.

1. Grace remains toothless (I am hoping that this is an indicator of when puberty will start) and she still is not fluidly crawling. (She is SO close. She can move her arms forward and her legs forward but she just can't seem to coordinate her arms and legs at the same time! This is not stopping her from somehow dragging or rolling herself to whichever toy or binky she is after. It is so fun to watch!) She also took her first ride on Lilly Lamb and loved it! I think we might have a true cowgirl on our hands!

2. At Grace's sixth month appointment, (by the way, still totally in shock that she is 6 MONTHS OLD even though as I write this she is closer to 7 months!!) she weighed 15.2 lbs - only the 30% percentile. Bean pole status continues!

Although the new-age mommy fad is to NOT vaccinate your child (a crime against humanity if you ask me) Grace will be vaccinated. In fact, she received a bunch of shots at her last appointment. While I believe vaccinations are worth it in the long run, the short term can be a bit difficult. The 3-4 days follwoing her appointment, no sleeping occurred in our house and I mean NO SLEEPING! She was up almost every hour during the night and took very few naps during the day. Even though we were all tired and cranky, I wouldn't forego the vaccinations and I definitely wouldn't forego the caffeine. This cup says it all folks!

2. My mom came for a visit and definitely spoiled us! Not only did she relieve me of some of my daily duties - cleaning, cooking, etc. - she babysat Grace allowing Court and I to enjoy not only a night out on the town, but a bike ride as well!

3. My brother, John Andrew, has joined us again for the summer and is working on the farm. We are extremely excited to have him but probably even more excited for the puppy he is getting next week! Yep, a puppy! A miniature Goldendoodle to be exact.

This is the pup that is coming home on July 14! He doesn't have a name yet but he is just cute as a button, don't you think? It is definitely going to be a full house this summer!

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Claudia Olsen said...

Are you saying you don't own a Mac? How can you live?