Monday, December 5, 2011

Holy S*#t! It's December!

I seriously don't know what has happened to my ability to blog but to say it's lacking is an understatement.  This time of year is just busy and with two little ones my computer time gets pushed to the back burner - or nap time! And because it is busy - during any downtime I have - I am getting ready for the next *thing*.

Hopefully, I will be able to back post one of these days about my 6th wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, our first annual North Pole Breakfast, my birthday and all the happenings of Grace and Charlotte. {Charlotte says Thank You...and please. But mainly thank you! She is so polite!}

I am in the process of uploading photos today. So hopefully, I'll get something decent pulled together soon! Until then, 20 days until you have all your shopping done?!?! I definitely don't and starting to have small anxiety attacks. Because once the shopping is done, then the wrapping begins. UGH! But first things first.... Grace's 3rd birthday party this weekend! Stay tuned!

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