Monday, November 21, 2011

Hard to Believe It's Over

Yesterday, we dropped off a rather large donation of baby supplies to our local Salvation Army. It was bittersweet. Swings, nursing pillows, bounce chairs - a local family in need of "all-things-pink" is going to make a haul....which makes me happy.

But I have to admit. I am sad. I don't know why really. I have two, healthy, VIBRANT daughters and I am SO lucky. Beyond lucky. But still, the realization that the baby years are already behind me is enough to bring tears to my eyes as I type. Sure, for vanity I really that old? But mainly because babies are wonderful. They are a joy - even through the sleepless nights and months of morning sickness - there is no greater joy.

But when push comes to shove and my heart and brain have a long talk about more children, my brain seems to always win out. Because cute, wonderful bundles of baby-joy grow up. They require trips to the doctor, clothing and all the basic necessities of life. And the basic necessities of life quickly add up. (READ: Three college tuitions! GULP!!)

And while we turn the corner into the toddler years, it's just really hard to believe it's all over. For the best, I realize, for so many reasons. But sometimes - most of the time - logic just doesn't make a lot of sense to the heart. 

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Julia said...

My husband and I made a decision this past summer that "one" was the right number for us. I know how you feel. I also felt a little sad when we gave most of her baby items away to friends. In the end I know we made the right decision.