Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas {2012}

We REALLY thought the girls would be up before dawn this year.
The excitement of what Santa would bring being too much.
So Court and I set our alarms for 5:30 am. 

We wanted to be awake - contacts in! - to see their reactions to what Santa had brought!
Well, the girls debunked our plan and both slept well past 7 am - the latest they've slept in in weeks!
The quiet time in the morning let me get a few pictures of how Santa left things before heading back to the North Pole. 

This year, I took more time in wrapping gifts.
Santa came!

And so did Mommy and Daddy.
The big gift every year is from us and this year it is a new kitchen!
Put together in the wee hours of the morning, there was not time to wrap it so we slapped on a few bows and left it out for the girls to see right when the woke up!

Their first looks!

I realize most families let the children dive into their presents in total Christmas pandemonium.
Not us. 
We've incorporated traditions from both sides of our family and while I get to keep "Christmas magic" Court gets to keep the orderly, controlled present opening. 

We start with stockings for a few little surprises before we break for breakfast and showers. 

Even Mom and Dad get stockings!

Elfie returned to the North Pole with Santa and left behind a few notes and treats. He also took with him all the Christmas movies.

At 10 am, the family is dressed and assembled.
This year our guest list included Mana, Boppa and Great Grandma Wyckoff. 

The girls, feeling the spotlight and excitement, decided to put on a show.

The girls each made cards for Daddy. 
And handprint to look like a Christmas tree. 

A super duper foot piano from Great Grandma. 

Daddy approved!

My niece has a birthday the day after Grace and so that week I spent just about every waking moment finishing up a dollhouse for her. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish Grace's for her birthday so she got it for Christmas.

Santa brought both girls what they had asked for - Grace a Barbie and Charlotte a baby.
All were happy!

The rest of the day was spent cooking and preparing Christmas dinner while the girls played with their new toys. 

We had the usual spread - turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes...I never get tired of that meal!

We popped open our Christmas crackers during the dessert course.

Everyone got in the spirit!

It was a magical and memorable day.

Merry Christmas!

Next up: Take down Christmas tree and pack for Boise for Christmas #2 with my family!

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