Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday Wrap Up and a Sneak Peek

If you didn't know, it's December!!
I know...already?!?
Ready or not here it comes!!

Anyway, we kick off our holiday season when our trusty elf, Elfie, visits us from the North Pole. He kicks off his stay with a delicious North Pole Breakfast on December 1 and so here are just a few sneak peak pictures of what we woke up to on Saturday morning!
Grace STILL talks about our North Pole breakfast from 2011 so she was thrilled when Elfie returned...with her favorite breakfast treats! Donuts of course!

I'll be back with more of our special tradition soon!
Uploading the pictures as I type!!

Also, over the weekend Court and I were able to get away for a couple of special reasons.
First, my birthday was yesterday and I had a GREAT day!
Probably the best birthday in my 30s!
Secondly, we were able to sneak away to Seattle without the girls to celebrate! 
We had a fabulous dinner out on Saturday night where my steak was cooked perfectly, the wine was smooth and the dessert was free (and DELICIOUS!!)
Following dinner, we went to an 80's Christmas Party hosted by GREAT friends!
I {almost} felt young again!
Can't wait for everyone to share their pictures! 
So, so fun!

I slept in on Sunday to a whopping 8:30 am - might as well have been noon in my book!
I got to hit Nordstrom and get my makeup done...something I desperately needed to do!
Molly joined me so I even got in a little sister-shopping time!
After our shopping session, Court and I grabbed lunch and RACED back to Yakima where we were meeting our girls and their grandparents at a Christmas Symphony spectacular. 
We BARELY made it!
Court was racing through snow covered passes and I when I got dropped off a block away I literally ran through the streets to make it to the theater on time.
We were sweating bullets but slipped in just as they were closing the doors!
And so, so, so glad we made it!
The girls were darling in their Christmas outfits and so, so, so happy to see us!
They sat and snuggled on our laps throughout the performance.
It was THE BEST birthday gift!
I must admit - I teared up a bit during the performance.
I am hard on myself that while once a lawyer I am now just a "lowly stay at home mom."
Yes, I was disenchanted - to say the least- about practicing law but there are times where I think to myself I could be more. I should be more.

But in those moments of snuggles with my girls, while the sounds of violins and flutes playing my favorite holiday tunes swirled as I sat next to a husband who had raced against the elements to get us there {safely} - the whole world stood still...
 and was perfect.
I was overwhelmed with satisfaction at knowing I was where I needed to be, where I wanted to be and where I was SO lucky to be.

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday SO special.

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Megan @Me & Wee said...

Happy Birthday!!! Here's to a great year ahead! And remember, you are jot JUST a mom. You are your kids' whole world. You are the world to your family and your friends. You are doing very important work and contributing to the world in a major way by bringing up to 2 wonderful girls who will become contributing women. And you aren't just doing it with minimal effort. You're doing it with style and flash with all you have. Nobody looks back on their deathbed and says they wish they spent more time at "work". (although, caring for the family is a crazy workload that never ends). In the eyes of God and of your children (and a ton of other people I'm sure) you are the opposite of lowly. Cheers!