Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grace's Christmas Program {2012}

The kids in Grace's class practiced the songs for their Christmas program for over a month. 
I never saw a rehearsal but I did hear her mumbling some of the songs under her breath around the house. I never saw her practice any hand movements so on the day of the big show I didn't know what too expect.

Mana, Boppa, Daddy and Great Grandma Jean all came to watch!
The church was packed. Luckily, Charlotte and I got there early to save seats up front

It was one of the best Christmas gifts of the season.
Seeing her on stage. Happy. Confident. 

It truly was a highlight of the season!

Not to mention all the wonderful creations Grace made for us at school.
This is one of my favorites!

.I plan on hanging it during the holiday season for years to come!

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