Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve {2012}

The girls were excited all day!
So much so that I probably washed Charlotte's new nightgown at least two times!

We invited Court's parents over for dinner and had a lovely, relaxing evening.
We left Santa his cookies....minus a few sprinkles.

And without hardly any trouble, the girls were in bed and asleep!

Thank Goodness because Mom and Dad had left a lot to the last minute!

I had hidden a few gifts for Court so well that I found myself frantically looking through my underwear drawer at 1 am! Luckily, I found everything that the UPS guy brought on time!! 
Anyone else have a few things delivered AFTER Christmas even though they were promised (and paid for) deliver BEFORE Christmas??

Can't wait until tomorrow!
I am betting the girls will be up before dawn!!

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