Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Post Santa Traditions

Still in their finest, we headed over to the Fairmont for brunch in the Georgian Room.

The Christmas decoration were amazing!

 There was an even a gingerbread house that looked like the new ferris wheel located down by the water front - complete with Santa driven train!
It was spectacular!
We took in all the sights while we waited for Mana and Boppa to join us.

Notice she has her binky. That is about to change although not planned in a few more posts!

After filling our bellies with hot cocoa and pancakes, we headed off to ride the carousel before we started the long drive home over the pass!

Although the pictures don't really show it, the girls were REALLY excited to ride the carousel.

At first.

Grace enjoyed the ride and held on all by herself.
Charlotte basically jumped off her horse and into Court's arms. It was a little too fast for her liking which really surprised us because if there was ever a child with a need for speed...

When the ride ended, so did our annual Santa weekend in Seattle.
It was time to head home and look the last week before Christmas dead in the eye - panic! - and get to work!!

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