Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kid Free and and Fancy Free

So our good friends hosted an 80s Christmas party last night. This used to be an annual thing before we all started getting married, having kids and getting jobs - ie respsonsibility set in.

Somehow the stars and the moon were perfectly aligned because Court and I were able to attend! To make this event even more spectacular we were able to leave the kids with Court's parents the night of the party, make the drive to Seattle (where the party was held), go out to a fabulous dinner for my birthday AND then do this....

[Honestly, I can't believe I am posting these pictures but it was so much fun and the best birthday I've had in years...I just want to be able to remember it many, many years from now.]

Check out my shirt. Magnum PI.

This bottle of rum brings back memories for me, Court and a couple of other hooligans we used to run around with in law school.

Court was going for the Miami vice look. I think he nailed it!
I was just totally random and hoping Tom Selleck was enough! Not sure what I was trying to do with my hair!

While we were getting primped for our party, this is what our girls were up to!

When they are happy, I am happy.

When I am happy I tend to get a little tipsy...

and a little immature!

Felt good to just let everything go for a few hours and forget some of the responsibilities of life.

Here we all are in 2012 - post kids.

And here we are back in 2007 (?) - before kids.

Court threw my rad turquoise one piece get up away years ago without telling me.
I could have killed him! Where will I ever find something as tubular?!?

So much fun!

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Jody said...

PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me where you found that awesome Magnum PI shirt! We're a little Selleck-smitten in our house. :) Justin owns the first two seasons of Magnum and was just telling me the other day that since we watched Season 2 near my labor with Kendry, its only right to purchase Season 3 in anticipation for the twins' arrival. I will probably buy it for him for V day. But I digress...where did you find that shirt?!