Thursday, December 13, 2012


Today was a big day. And by big I mean looong and action packed!
This morning we had Grace's PJ/Birthday party and this evening was Grace's ballet recital!

The show started at 7 pm but the ballerinas had to be in the green room at 6!
So that meant we needed to eat dinner a bit on the early side.

As I started making dinner, look who showed up to "help!"

For the kids who "never sleep" to make a bed all on their own...they must have been exhausted!
Ugh! And it's not even show time yet!
Boy oh boy this is going to be a long night!

After dinner, Grace got ready to head to the performance.

All business.

It took a lot of hairspray to get what little hair she has into a tiny nugget of a bun.
Apparently, ballerinas MUST have a bun when dancing. 
So she is following protocol as best as her mommy can do!

Costume, tights and slippers safely tucked away in her bag, 
it was time to get Miss Charlotte ready for the show!

By her excitement level, you'd have thought she was going to be dancing on the stage!
Next year Charlotte.

Grace backstage in her lollipop costume.

Charlotte, backstage, hanging with the big girls!

Grace and her friend, E, in their mice costumes!
Two costume changes for these guys!
Big time!

It was a loooonng show. I don't think we got home until after 10:30 pm.
Luckily, the younger ballerinas had some backstage entertainment!

Here is Grace and friends in the 'mice' scene. 

I didn't get to video the lollipop scene because I was stuck in the back of the theater. I spent the majority of the performance in the green room because 1) Grace didn't want me to leave, 2) it was slightly chaotic back there with only one "backstage mother" to watch all these little kids and 3) Charlotte had way more fun with the ballerinas than she did sitting still and being quiet out in the audience waiting for Grace to perform.

Honestly, I think I enjoyed being backstage just as much as these guys!
Two hours plus of community ballet is A LOT!
It was a long night but so proud of our girl!

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