Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Second Birthday = Eight Great Grandchildren

My niece, who recently moved to Seattle with her parents, has a birthday the day after Grace's.
So we piled in the car - along with the other eastern washington family members - and drove over the pass to celebrate!

I brought the wrong lens on my camera so most of my pictures didn't turn out.
Luckily, Courtney saved the day and sent me these!

Me and my ragamuffins (in the back)...and my niece, June, picture perfect!

While it was definitely amazing watching little 'Junebug' turn two, it was even more amazing seeing Great Grandma Jean surrounded by her EIGHT great grandchildren.
This was the first time that all of her eight great grandchildren were in the same room with their great grandmother and SO SO glad I was able to steal that picture from Courtney!
It is priceless!

Happy 2nd Birthday June!

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