Friday, April 6, 2012

Hectic Week

This has been a hectic week. LOTS on the agenda and while I don't recommend plopping your kids down in front of a video...sometimes it's the only thing to keep everyone sane.

The new movie of choice in our house? 
The Sound of Music

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had never seen the EPIC four hour movie from start to finish until just a few weeks ago...and I am in LOVE with it!!
Julie Andrews is amazing. The songs are SO wonderful. I find not only Grace AND Charlotte running around singing them, but myself as well. They are some catchy tunes!
And hearing Charlotte run around the house saying..."Do, do, do..." is remarkable!

And while the movie makes me feel a little guilty - Julie Andrews is, after all, a governess of seven children who runs around the mountains of Salzburg with SEVEN children, singing, dancing, putting on marionette productions....while I, the mother of only two, struggles to clean the bathrooms, get the laundry cleaned, folded and put away, get dinner on the table, {craft - Easter is a com in'} and do the basics of everyday life! So every once in a while, when Charlotte is down for her nap and Grace is fighting her nap tooth and nail, I throw in the Sound of Music and....

there is peace...for probably no more than an hour. But it is peace nonetheless!


Jody said...

What?! How had you not seen the full movie until now?! I adore Sound of Music. My parents had us watch it when I was about 8 or 9 and I can remember flitting around the house singing the songs for weeks afterwards. My favorite was by far the puppet show song.

Yes, Julie Andrews is amazing - singing and cheerful while tending to seven kids - but remember, she didn't have to do their laundry and the housecleaning and the cooking and the gardening... I'm convinced I would be in constant song too if all I had to do was care for my kiddos and let someone else do all the housework. :)

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Jodi you are SO right! Thank you for that perspective! Makes me feel SO much better. Although she did make seven outfits out of curtains...that had to have kept her busy for a while but your point is well taken!

Seriously, I have NO idea how I haven't seen the entire movie until now. I mean I saw some of it as a child but not the whole thing from start to finish. I think I like watching just as much or MORE than Grace and Charlotte.

Mary Poppins is on deck when TSOM loses appeal! ha ha! Every mom needs a secret weapon, right?!?!