Friday, April 20, 2012

Sew What's New?

I just can't seem to sit still these days. There is always something I want to try or create or photograph...having problems with the latter at the moment.

From time to time I scan other blogs and notice the beautiful photography. I would love to be able to replicate that skill level...some day. As I am working solely with my iPhone these days (and a budget), I decided to make a light box. 

As lighting is what makes or breaks a photograph (as is a functioning camera..ha!) I thought this little bugger might improve my least the ones of objects that can fit in the light box!

Light boxes sell for $100 or more depending on your level of technology. Mine was well under that!

I followed this tutorial and this is how mine turned out!

It was easy peasy!

So the proof is in the pudding. Do you see any improvement in my photography skills?
BE HONEST! But remember they were all taken with an iPhone.

So about the toy boat in the picture....

are you wondering why I am taking a 1000 pictures of it??

Well, it is the first thing I've ever made on a sewing machine! Literally, I had never touched one till last week and after a quick tutorial from MIL I decided to make a toy boat.
Why? I have no idea. I just came across this blog with this tutorial and thought it was so cute! How hard could it be?

Well it took three attempts. The first attempt actually turned out ok. I held it up and asked Grace what it was and she said, "A boat!" So that's good. 

I wasn't completely happy with it so I decided to make another one.

Some how I got all fouled up and made it inside out!

So after my third attempt I finally have my first completed sewing project!


It's definitely not as cute as the one I replicated but it is holding strong.
Do you think it is good enough to give as a gift? I can't decide. It is definitely not perfect!


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Jody said...

Way to go! I think its great you are taking up sewing. I don't do a lot on my machine, but I love that I at least have the basics down for making/mending things. I did my very first button hole a few months back and was giddy over it for days. I also love the light box for your photos. I might have to make myself one of those.