Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Day

The Easter Bunny came!

Grace was up far earlier than Charlotte and it took all her strength not to dive into the baskets!

Finally, Charlotte arose from her slumber so we headed outside for our egg hunt!

Grace was all sparkly in her princess dress...

and Charlotte was...seasonal. 

Her jacket hood has bunny ears on it.
(It was Grace's and just a little too small for Charlotte to actually wear the hood!)

Grace adored the egg hunt.

She thought it was hysterical that the bunny could hide eggs in trees!
Silly bunny!

Charlotte caught on but 

she was much more interested in checking out what the magic jelly beans had turned into.


After the egg hunt was complete, we headed inside to warm up and check out what the Easter Bunny had brought!

Bunny ears, of course!

And chocolate!!!!!!!!!


For Easter dinner, Court and I made a delicious lamb dinner for the four of us and enjoyed a FABULOUS bottle of wine!

It was a wonderful day.
Small. Simple. 


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