Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby, Baby

One of the favorite toys of the girls right now is a water baby. They received this from their favorite-est babysitter, Shelly and it literally goes everywhere with us! 

She joins us for dinner

and LOVES peas!

She even joins us on car rides!

Grace LOVES to tell me what a good Mommy she is and her favorite book for several months was a Little Mommy. Sure it is a bit dated about female roles in society today but no matter how you cut it, a mom is a mom is a mom. And it is amazing how innate that instinct is watching Grace and Charlotte cuddle and love their baby. 

In other news, I brokered a deal with Grace that she could get a "pink Arial doll" if she stopped using her binky! So far, so good! If she gets through tonight, we are off to the toy store (AKA Target) for her to choose any toy of her choosing as a reward!
I've pulled this bargain with her before but it has never worked. I made the "mistake" of running near the toy section at Target last week and she spotted a "pink Arial doll" from a mile away. After telling her we were not getting any toys and listening to her white ALL THROUGH the store, we negotiated the deal currently on the table. Maybe it wasn't so much of Grace holding up her end of the deal...but me!

Sometimes it is just so darn to say no. You want to give them every opportunity. Every chance. Every thing!!

I will report back soon with what she picks out!

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