Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Than We "Binky'd For"

Remember how Grace and I made a deal? An even trade. Binky for ah a "pink Arial" doll.

Grace easily gave up her binky with no issues. Bed time carried on just like normal. No whining. No crying. No begging for the binky.

I was impressed and at the same time kicking myself. Why hadn't I pushed this deal before?

So we went to get the "pink Arial doll". A deal is a deal after all. 
The whole family drove to Target and scanned the aisles. We tempted Grace with many other items. Dolls, princesses with carriages, legos...but she held strong.

After our adventure at Target, we grabbed dinner and I snapped a few pictures of a very happy, binky-free Grace.

Since "Pink Arial" has been acquired bed time has been horrendous. Crying and crying and more crying. Guess who wants her binky? 
She has been up to 9 or 10 o'clock the last few nights. Crying and crying.
We haven't given in yet and given her the binky but I am considering demonstrating that in hard times a thumb can be just as effective as a binky. I haven't gotten that desperate...yet.

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Jody said...

Stay strong! I'm told it only lasts a few days at the most. We got lucky and narrowed it down to only bedtime/naptime, and then one night our babysitter put him down without the binky and he didn't even protest. We confiscated all the binkys that night and they haven't been seen again. Stick to your guns, momma!