Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Prep

After getting back from vacation, I had less than a week to get ready for Easter! Easter is a fun holiday that I like to celebrate...which means decorations!!

First, we started with my Easter tree...a yearly staple. 
I am always on the hunt for pretty egg ornaments!

This year, I made several decorations this year...and even got Grace in on the action.

See the eggs covered in sequins? I made those. They took forever!!

And the eggs covered in the shiny, colorful dots?

Grace made those!! I just bought some pretty button-like stickers at Target and let the girls go at it!
Grace REALLY did a beautiful job!
Charlotte thought the stickers were pretty enough to eat...and eat she did! hehe

The only other thing I was able to make was this Easter egg wreathe.

I followed this tutorial and finished Easter morning so I didn't even have a chance to hang it!
It will be saved for next year!

Once the decorations were done, it was time to work on gifts and baskets for all the special kids in my life! The Easter Bunny took care of Grace and that was a relief!

But for the other kids, I made them a special little Easter surprise.


Just a few little goodies - candy, nail polish, some little toys...even a $1 bill to put in their piggy banks or buy their own little special Easter treat at the Dollar store!

Finally, it came time to color eggs. This year, I let Grace help while Charlotte napped.

She got to wear her new Easter smock from Grandma.

She really liked the pocket!

She could keep her matchbox cars - all five of them - in her pocket WHILE she colored eggs!

Coloring eggs this year shall I put it...a challenge? Those egg dying kits you get at the grocery store SUCK! Court was home at lunch while I was getting this all set up. My trial run eggs sat in their baths for 15 minutes and came out naked white! Super frustrating!

Luckily, I had purchased these.

These were easy and kept Grace VERY busy while I fumbled around trying to get some egg baths formulated. (Again, Court was home for lunch and reminded me that traditional food coloring would work! Luckily, I stock that stuff like if the world could end tomorrow and to survive I would need nothing but food coloring to survive!)

I finally got the color baths up and working and we were able to pump out a few eggs.

The aftermath of egg decorating!

After lunch, Court took Grace "farming." As Charlotte was still napping, I had an hour or so to myself. Splendid! Most would curl up and take a nap or read a book or watch the season premier of Mad Men.
What did I do?
I decorated a few Easter eggs.
Here is what I came up with.

I went crazy with glitter and I planned to use them as "place cards" on our Easter dinner table...stay tuned!

Our last activity to get ready for the Easter bunny?? Planting jelly beans, of course!
Easter magic can do all sorts of amazing things! So I hear!

Hope your Easter preparations go smoothly and that you are ready for that infamous bunny to make a visit!

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