Monday, April 30, 2012

The (apparently) Fat, Ugly Truth

Grace has a new obsession with the PBS program Super Why. She really likes Super Why...a lot! In fact, Super Why might be her first crush. And what's not to love?

He's smart...he can read. He likes to solve problems and he can fly. What else could a girl ask for right?

Super Why comes on at 9 am on weekdays so I decided to get all the running around done early this morning so we could be home in time for Grace's date with Super Why.

So at 8 am, the three of us were showered, dressed, faces on and at the grocery store doing the shopping for the week. Minding our own business. Grace was asking on repeat, "Can Super Why come to my house?" and Charlotte was rocking out to an overhead 80's song when out of the clear, blue sky....

"Is your next one going to be a boy?"

I looked around to see who was being asked this question.

Mind is 8 am. I am the ONLY person at the grocery store. So the question was being asked of ME!!!

I just laughed and said, "I don't know!" and high tailed it out of the pasta aisle. (No more carbs. No more carbs. No more carbs.)

After paying and getting out to the car, I took a moment to evaluate what just happened.

I guess you could take the question two ways.

The first (nice?) way one could interpret the question is that the person asking the question noted the fact that I had two daughters with me. Perhaps she assumed that because I had two girls, the youngest getting to the age where one starts considering when, where, why, how to have another child, that I would, of course, have another child in the hopes of a boy.

The other way to take it, which is the way I took it, is you look pregnant and you already have two girls so you must be hoping this is a boy.


So not the way I was planning on starting my day. My week...

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