Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

We hosted a small and very informal Cinco de Mayo celebration!

I kept the decorations to a minimum. Everything was made by me or purchased at the Dollar Store!!

(Side note: I freaking love the dollar store! It may be my favorite store...while I am still a bit sketched on eating anything from a dollar store it is the perfect place for cheap little this's or that's. And did I mention affordable?!?!)

I mean where else can you get a sombrero for a $1!! Sombreros for all, am I right?!

I found the most darling sombrero cookie idea that was SO easy! Even Charlotte got to help in the kitchen!

On a Wal-Mart run the day before, I spotted some festive cupcakes (chocolate with buttercream frosting -BOOM!!) and had to have them! I figured cookie sand cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo. Yum! Yum!
Well, when I got all my little cupcakes set up they looked a bit naked. Sure, I could have printed out some free Cinco de Mayo printables to spiff them up but I was feeling pretty lazy. 
So I decided to make lemonade outta lemons and topped off a few cupcakes with my sombrero cookies.

Don't they kind of look like little mariachi men?!?!?

The weather was all right. Not super warm but not super cold. The sun was shining so that meant we could play outside!

And play outside we did! 
The kids jumped on the bounce house for at least two hours!

We took a small break to do a little arts and crafts. We made maracas!! I came across this on Pinterest but didn't read the tutorial BEFORE actually doing this project. I just thought leftover Easter eggs...check! Plastic a ton! Check! And washi tape! Checkity check!

I read the complete tutorial just now and noticed they used white tape so that the kids could color their own maracas. That would be fun too! However, Charlotte likes to EAT the tips of pens so I'm glad we stuck with colored tape.

I used washi tape in the colors of my party decor - red, purple and yellow.

The kids taped their spoons to their eggs which we filled with lentils.

Another purchase from the dollar store...bubbles (always a hit) and silly string! Who doesn't love sirry string? (That's how Grace says silly....sirry!) I didn't get too many pics of the kids outside because I was busy demonstrating how to be "sirry!!"

Charlotte's sombrero was bigger than her....

See! She eats everything! Bubble solution included!!
Yes, Grace and Charlotte are wearing matching Cinco de Mayo attire. I found these little outfits at Target (another favorite can't-live-without store) and the price was right.

On the menu, guacamole...(I didn't make nearly enough. We ate it in about 2.5 seconds.
 I will post the recipe soon. It is awesome!), beef tacos, fruit salad and bud light limes!! I'm not into beer but there is something magical about mexican food and beer.

Hope you had a fun day celebrating!

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