Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Star is Born

I've always admired the women at baby showers who show up with some incredible, hand made baby item. Be it burp cloths or a quilt, there is something truly special about someone taking the time and making the effort to make you - err, your baby - something! It's just so much more personal and thoughtful than a onesie from Babies R Us, don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE me some store bought gifts - especially the kind that you would NEVER go out and buy for yourself (or for your baby) because they are expensive or made of cashmere or something the baby will wear once or twice if you are lucky! And onesies are a MUST HAVE baby I am not knocking ANY gift giving...keep 'em coming!!

Anyway, I decided to make a few baby toys for a few special baby girls who have recently come into the world. 

This was my first time sewing a pattern pattern.

And I can't tell you how far from perfect they are. 
(Far. Far. Like Pluto's distance from the sun far.)

But they are made with lots of love!

I wrapped up the toy star with a card I made and I am hoping the little ones and their parents feel some extra love coming their way, just as I do when I receive a handmade gift!

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Jody said...

Those are precious! Good job, Katie. My first pattern was a Christmas stocking and the final product was far from perfect. But then I tried again and again and each one looked better than the last. Now I love that all three of us have a handmade stocking and none of them are the same size. Its endearing. :)