Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tracking Time

I've always wanted to keep a journal but never have had the discipline or time to sit down every day and record my feelings or doings or hopes or tragedies. 
So when I came across this idea of a perpetual calendar by Design Sponge a few months ago, I KNEW I had to make it!

It's a combo between a journal and a daily planner. Perfect for people who want to record the highlights of their life without the pressure of filling in lines and lines of blank text.

I made this one for my sister. She has a much more interesting life than I do so I told her to track her life for the next few years and then return it to me so I (we) can write a book! 

I would have loved to have had this when Grace and Charlotte were itty bitty babies. It would have been so easy to record the firsts....and so much fun to look back later, as the years WHIZZZZ by to see what each of them were doing a year ago, two years ago.

I'm definitely going to make a few more of these. They are super easy!
I did come across this AFTER I made mine. If you don't want to buy a date stamp or go thru the process of stamping your own notecards, you can visit The Geeky Saver and just print them!

Have fun!

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