Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Day of the First Year of School

Yesterday, was Grace's last day of school!
Hard to believe her first "school" experience has come to an end.

Just to see what a difference a year makes, I had Grace wear the same outfit to school yesterday that she wore on the first day of school.

Grace on the first day of school. September 2011

Grace on the last day of school.

Schoooool's out....for summa!
Come on, sing it with me....
Schoooool's out...for summa!

A glimpse into the future...the teenage years??

A few pictures of the Rainbow Room.

Playtime before Mom left for a nap in the car...I mean a run to the grocery store.

Some candids of Grace at school. I saw these only for the first time yesterday. 
It makes my heart feel good to see her happy and independent.

Pick up time!

I have a couple of these video stashed on my phone. I plan on saving them forever so on the days she gets in the car and her answers are hi, no, no, whatever, I don't know...I can remind myself that she was happy to see me at one point in her life!

And finally, a glimpse into her budding personality.
Yesterday, the teacher offered an activity that not only let the kids get out all their "frustration," it aided in their motor skills. Using a styrofoam board, each child had his or her name written on it in. The task?
Using a plastic hammer, they were to pound nails (aka golf tees) into the styrofoam.

You can see the kids in action...pounding away.

Before I left, I took a quick snapshot of Mrs. Campbell explaining the activity to Grace. When I left, Grace was waiting in line for her turn.

When I came back, this is what I found in her cubby!

Her name was meticulously outlined with the golf tees. (The teacher removed the tees to save for next year but you can see the holes left behind.) Over 75 tees were pounded into the outline of her name.
There are no rogue holes or tees. None!
So we can summarize either she has a future in carpentry or she has fierce focus.

She takes my breath away every day. Sweet. Thoughtful. Smart and funny.
We are so proud of you Gracie girl! The future is yours!

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Jody said...

That styrofoam craft is genius! That would keep Kendry busy for awhile (aka 5 minutes). I think I'll try it. :)