Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cannon Beach {2012}

We spent the Mother's Day weekend in Cannon Beach, Oregon! We'd never been there with kids before but it is very family friendly and may I add, dog friendly!! I think there were more dogs than kids on this particular weekend!

Anyway, Cannon Beach is notorious for being rainy, cold and windy. It's the Pacific Northwest...what else would you expect?! So of course, I packed rain jackets, boots, pants, sweat pants, sweaters...anything and everything warm.

So we got there and guess what?
It was hot!
Like 80 degrees hot! So yay we hit the "weather-load" meaning lots of sunshine but I am telling you that town is NOT meant to be warm. No place has air conditioning and to say that the restaurants were sweltering is an understatement. Aside from being almost uncomfortably hot, the weekend was a ton of fun! A great way to spend Mother's Day with the family - when healthy! (I'll address this in a second!)

The first night we went to dinner at the Wayfarer. It was ok. The girls did ok. They were a little least until dessert was served. 

Double fisting with focus.

A member of the clean plate club!

After dinner we enjoyed a walk and then watched the sunset from our deck with our new friend...Alfred. 

The sunsets were amazing.

Alfred just came to visit us so we decided to give him a little treat. A little bit of bread.
He literally picked it up and tossed it into his gullet. Alfred visited us both nights we were there and the girls LOVED him! Grace wanted to bring him home. 

Another great thing about Cannon Beach is that you can still have campfires on the beach. I would have loved to have done this this trip but the thought of trying to keep Charlotte out of the fire every 5 seconds outweighed the deliciousness of smores. And that is saying A LOT because I LOVE smores!!

The next morning we hit the beach.

Both girls LOVED playing in the sand and were overjoyed at seeing the tide pools when the tide was out. 

The boots definitely came in handy in the tide pools because the girls loved splashing around in them.

We explained to them what mussels were...

and how good they are in a warm, butter sauce. 

Another crazy thing? There were lady bugs EVERYWHERE!!
Even on the sand!
Grace is obsessed with lady bugs so this was a great perk!

Unfortunately, the weekend took a turn south, for me at least, when I came down with the worst cold ever! I spent almost an entire afternoon/evening curled up in the fetal position.

Poor Court had to do most of the care taking and on vacation, in a hotel room, that's not easy or fun.
So thanks Court! That was a mother's day gift in and of itself. 

The next morning, I felt bad still but didn't want to slow the team down. So we went to breakfast, took a little walk and then hit the road to head home. 

 Sickness aside it was lovely and beautiful and a great place to go with the family!
Maybe for next Mother's Day? Only no sickness and maybe sneak in a little massage.


Julia said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Cannon Beach is beautiful! I've never been, but we hope to make a trip to Oregon next summer!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

I hope you get to OR next summer! It is beautiful! SO much fun!