Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Handful

Any ideas on how to child proof kitchen counters?

Charlotte's like a little Houdini. On them ALL.THE.TIME.

Removing chairs and stools doesn't work. She pushes them right back.
For all I know she scales the walls like Spiderman. 
One minute, she's on the ground.
The next minute....

Taaa Daaaa!!!!!

I'm thinking about doing away with the kitchen all together.
No more cooking, no more food prepping, no more cleaning up!
Can you imagine?!?!
Ohhhh...if only I lived where take out was even a possibility once in a blue moon!

She already knows how to work it.
Bear hugs to the legs while yelling "I DUB YOU!"

A handful I tell you. A HANDFUL!

1 comment:

Julia said...

This is too funny! My daughter was never a climber so unfortunately I don't have any advice. She is really too cute!!