Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

<UPDATE: I just realized that no sound is associate with my movie! I set the video to songs - GOOD songs! - and YouTube says it is violating copyright laws. UGH! I hate laws! I am disputing it BUT I will likely lose and will possibly lose my YouTube make sure you watch this video soon!>

A few days post the 18 month milestone and Charlotte's first year video is finally complete! I cry every time I watch it. It goes by so fast...even more so knowing that there won't be anymore first smiles or first steps to capture. She truly is an angel and I am grateful beyond words that I was able to catch all these moments not only with my own eyes but with my camera as well! Without further ado, Charlotte's First Year....

Warning: The video is 30 minutes long....I got carried away AND I believe it will redirect you to YouTube to watch it. Enjoy!

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