Monday, March 5, 2012

I Just Wanna Stay Home

Last week, I checked out a new gym. I had both girls with me so I decided to show them the child care area. It was REALLY clean awesome! Charlotte had to be pried away from all the smiling strangers ready, willing and able to to play with her. Grace on the other had was a bit skeptical. She only wanted to play if "Mommy comes too!"

I explained that if we were to come here all together Grace and Charlotte would enter the play area and Mommy would be in that big room over there full of all the death machines. 

"I want to come with Mommy!"

No, they don't let big girls in that room. Just do you want to come hang out here with Charlotte?

"Mmmmmm....No, I just wanna stay home."

What?!? Are you like 72 years old? 

Fast forward to today. Dress and ready Grace for ballet. Wake Charlotte UP from her nap!! {DISLIKE!} Brave an epic wind storm to get to the dance studio on time. Miss Nicole asks all her ballerinas to join her on the floor....

Tears. Epic. Massive tears. We huddled in the corner and watched for a few minutes to see if she would warm up to the idea. Nope.

Then I tried dragging her out there and handing her off to Miss Nicole. Major fail.

Then we did another family huddle in the back room...all while Charlotte is crawling and kicking and karate-chop-kung-fuing her way out of my arms to go out with the ballerinas.

No amount of convincing or bribing could change Grace's mind. Noticing that we were bothering the other parents and students, I piled the girls and headed home.


Grace, what's the matter? Don't you want to dance with all the girls?

Through tears and sobs and hiccups....No I just wanna stay home. 

Oh. My. You are your mother's daughter. 

*Auntie Molly will REALLY appreciate this post! ;) 


Molly said...

Auntie Molly does appreciate this post!! Grace is absolutely her mother's daughter.

Molly said...

Ohhhhh this makes me giggle! She is totally her mother's daughter!

Julia said...

She sounds just like my daughter. Today I told her we were going to Target and she said, "No, Mommy I want to stay home." She is becoming a real homebody lately. She gets it honest from her Mommy.