Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Quick Update So I Don't Forget

Yesterday was Charlotte's second "trial" of gymnastics. While she isn't technically able to start until she is 18 months old which she will be at the end of March, I fibbed and reported that indeed Charlotte was 18 months!! I had too!  I just couldn't see spending an hour of my life chasing around after Charlotte as she bobbed, weaved and darted out onto the gymnastics floor to join Grace's class. It wasn't fun for her. It definitely wasn't fun for me. So now while Grace is in "big girl" gymnastics, Charlotte is enrolled in "baby" gymnastics. She has two classes under her belt now and let me tell you...she HATES waiting in line for her turn! When the coach FINALLY says it's Charlotte's turn, Charlotte hops right up there, no hesitation, just BIG smiles and does whatever she is supposed to do. But when it's time to sit back down for the other kids to take their turn all hell breaks lose! Remember how I mentioned that she darted and weaved to get to Grace's class, well she's still doing that but now she's just trying to cut in line! I think I leave gymnastics more winded than either Grace and Charlotte after all the chasing I do!!

In other news, Grace is now using the toilet and not the potty...a HUGE milestone if you ask me!! And she has started going through nap time without a pull-up. Progress people. Progress!

Charlotte said I love you for the first time a few days ago. It was prompted...meaning I told her to say it...but she said it nonetheless! Grace, on the other hand, told me that she loves Daddy - not Mommy - and then proceeded to bust out in endless giggles! And so it begins!!

While Grace has been a bit of a stinker when it comes to mommy relations this week, she's been good as gold with Charlotte. At nap time, she brings Charlotte's favorite toys and puts them in bed while hugging and kissing Charlotte "good night."

Grace has memorized several of her favorite books and I often find both girls in Grace's bed "reading." These little scenes are often too tender and too quick to capture on camera. Hopefully, by capturing them here on the blog it will allow me to look back and "remember" all of these precious moments one day long in the future.

Mid-post...Charlotte woke up from her nap. As we were coming down the stairs, she said onnne when she took her first step and twooo when she took her second. woo hoo!

As for me, I have had a toothache for almost a solid year now. About six months ago, I got a root canal in order to fix the problem. Guess what? Tooth still hurts!! Not sure how that is possible since all the nerves in the tooth were removed. Regardless, I have spent far too many hours at the dentist this past year. I was back in the chair this morning getting fitted for a night guard. The new theory is that I am clenching my jaws while I sleep irritating my jaw/teeth creating this miserable aching sensation. So now I have to wear this ginormous mouthguard at night much like what a boxer wears during a match. UGH! I feel like I am 13 all over again and have to wear a retainer or worse a head gear. Fingers crossed that this monstrosity is the solution to my troubles.

Ok both girls are up and at em! I am back on duty. Until next time...

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