Monday, March 19, 2012

Under the Weather

It nearly every part of the country it is tropical weather hot. 
Not here.
It is windy and cold and rainy and cloudy. And WINDY!
So while we've been dealing with spring - my least favorite month (I know blasphemy!) - we've also been dealing with two sick girls. Runny noses. Short tempers. Restless sleeps.
A quick trip to the grocery store yesterday afternoon was just too much Grace.

Shopping with only one awake child was a breeze! I felt light as a feather! You can imagine the looks I got as I flew across the store knocking things off my list. heheh 


Julia said...

So cute! Hope your little ones are feeling better soon!

T.C.M.+ C said...

the day that mason falls asleep in the grocery cart would be a miracle here on earth!