Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pool - icious!

Temperatures here are soaring into the high 90's. Just in time for the kids to go back to school! To beat the heat, we checked out the brand new aquatic center yesterday. It was so fun we had to go back again today!

Grace instantly fell in love with the slide although we are still learning the concept of line etiquette. She either dashes right up there and just throws herself down the slide - cutting in front of five other kids - OR she gets up there and lets every person - in front of or behind her - go first. Then she looks back at me to make sure it is now ok to go down the slide.

I woke Charlotte from a dead sleep to drag her to the pool yesterday. She wasn't too thrilled. This girl likes to sleep!
Today, she was SUPER into it. Walking all over the shallow end, putting her face in the water, playing with the fountains and completely pissed off when I wouldn't let her follow her big sister up the stairs to the slide. 

Unfortunately, the pool closes for the summer on Sunday! 
Let me get this straight, it is ungodly hot out...let's close the pool! Makes no sense to me!!
Regardless, it was a hit and we will be posting up poolside next summer!
(That should be ample time for me to get bathing suit ready....gulp!)

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Jody said...

Our aquatic center is the same way. We finally hit and are staying in the high 90's and their last day for the summer is today or tomorrow. I don't get it. No wonder they are going broke, right?