Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer is Flying By

So it's summer! Lazy days and lounging around, right?! Yeah right!! All I know is summer is F-L-Y-I-N-G by...we've been busy, busy and more busy. And the funny thing is, if you asked me what was keeping us so busy, I couldn't pinpoint it.  Perhaps some bullet points will help?

- First and foremost, the mole I had removed...NOT melanoma! woo hoo!!

- Harvest is in FULL throttle. Court is working more than he isn't working. He does come home for dinner (and usually cleans up the dishes and takes out the trash - God Bless him) and then it's back to the farm until -most nights - well after my bedtime.

- Charlotte and Grace are sick. Just summer colds but still I've got one word for you - boogers!!

- Remember all those aches and pains I was complaining about? Well, everything still hurts. So much so I finally broke down and paid the $20 co-pay to see a doctor. Diagnosis? Tendonitis in the shoulder and elbow. (Apparently from hauling Charlotte around because it's only on my left side.) Or as the doctor politely told "Wimpy White Girl Syndrome." Yes, she told me that verbatim. So not only am I old and falling apart, now I'm apparently wimpy and...(gasp) white!! Already in the presence of a doctor and the co-pay already paid, I decided to ask the doctor about my delayed baby-weight weight loss. Operation Butterball just isn't working the way it did last time. I relayed to her my exercise regiment, my very clean diet and her response...verbatim mind you...."I don't feel sorry for you. I weigh now what I did the day I gave birth!" Ummmmmm....what?! What does your fat a@# have to do with mine?!?! Bottom line - she obviously didn't have a magic pill.

- Finally, the biggest time suck of all. Real Housewives of New York. hahah No computer. It's hurt real bad. I basically can't import photos or videos which is pretty much killing me and can't access any videos I've previously uploaded. You can imagine my level of angst imagining I'll never view the countless. precious moments of my babies growing up. I've spent hour upon hour upon hour on the phone with Apple - only to be bounced from one agent to another, to be disconnected, to be placed on hold FOREVER and then at the end of all, my computer STILL DOESN'T WORK!!! They basically have no idea what is wrong with it - I've probably spent 12 hours on the phone with them - and I am literally hours away from a nervous breakdown. Nothing throws me over the edge like a big, fat, computer glitch!

Ok I think that is all I can think of at the moment. I'm exhausted. It's 10 pm and Grace has called me into her room about 8x to have her diaper changed. Mind you, this is the same kid who was practically potty trained two weeks ago but who has suddenly pulled up the e-brake and INSISTS on wearing only diapers - no panties. No pull-ups. No potty. Seriously?!


Jody said...

The summer boogers have invaded our house this week too, and Kendry loves to smear them all over his face instead of getting a tissue. Wonderful. I hope all three of our kiddos are feeling better soon.

I too am having shoulder aches lately. After adjusting both my shoulder joints back into place, my chiro made the comment to me on my last visit: "You shouldn't have to lift Kendry as much now, right, because he is probably climbing up more my himself?" Ummmm, sure. And he is, really, but he is still 33lbs and he is only 2. So yes, I still have to lift him sometimes and yes, my shoulder is suffering because of it. Guess I'm a wimpy white girl too.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! So glad you got a good report. And hope that your sweet little ones are feeling better soon.


Home Sweet Home Place said...

@ Jody - You delivered a 10 lb baby. You are no wimp!
@ Julia - Thank you! Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to read my blog!