Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slip N Slide Birthday Fun

Another family birthday party. It couldn't have been more fun!

Holding the kittens cats...always a hit!

Bruises on one's head? The cost of early walking.

Hmm...a large, yellow, slippery thing? I'm not so sure about this....

OH WAIT! I love it!

What's better than running and sliding down a slip n slide??

Attaching it to a slide of course!!

The kids did this non-stop for an hour!
Looks like we are going to need a play-set and a slip n slide...STAT!
Santa are you listening?!

There was even time for a quiet moment.

And finally what she had been waiting for....

Later, I asked her what her favorite thing was about the party...the cats? the slide? the kids?
Without hesitation she answered, "The cupcake!"
This party was a lot of fun. I am getting nervous about Charlotte's upcoming birthday party.
Fingers crossed that kids (and adults) like coming to our house to celebrate just as much!

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