Friday, August 19, 2011


Grace really likes to wear dresses. They are her outfits of choice when we are at home hanging out. As cute and easy as dresses are, they aren't always conducive to a toddler's lifestyle. Lately, when I make her wear "real" clothes, she all of a sudden has *gasp* opinions about what she is going to put on her body. Here is her latest go-to outfit. 

She picked it out all by herself. It is her outfit of choice when ever she has a chance to choose (which isn't that often since this is what she comes up with!). 

She is adamant - to the point of tears and tantrums - that this is HER outfit.
I wasn't in the mood for T & T's this morning (not that I ever am) so I let it fly. She compromised by allowing me to document it with photos.
Bad move Grace. Photos are forever.
This one just might come back to haunt you.


Katie said...

Mixing patterns is very in these days :-)

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Perhaps she's ahead of her time!? :)