Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Sorts of "ER-xcitement"

Like I've said before, summer = harvest around here. So things are a bit busy. Especially for Court. He hasn't had a day off since June. Nope not one! Not a Saturday. Not a Sunday. Not a half day. Nothin'.
So yo can imagine how excite he was - WE BOTH WERE - when he discovered he was going to get this past Monday off. Whopeee!!!

To celebrate 24 hours of life free from work, we hopped in the car on Sunday and headed over to Seattle.

The plan? Court was going to squeeze in as much time with his girls as humanly possible. Swims! Walks! Bike rides! You name it! But come dinner time Monday it was going to be just me and Court...and some steaks....followed by a "Little Big Town" concert. Believe me when I say we were not only excited but our mouths were watering. Operation Butterball punishes effects both me AND Court as there is nothing remotely good to eat in the house - ever. So some steaks, drinks and desserts were not only going to taste REAL good, they were probably going to go down a little too easy. Regardless, it was going to be fun and tasty.

Nana was in tow...we weren't leaving home without a babysitter! She was charged with watching the girls while we dined, drank a little too much and sported our cowboy hats in downtown Seattle for the show!

Sunday went off without a hitch. Seattle was gorgeous. Sunny. Warm. Did I mention sunny? The girls slept in the car. We had lunch. We went swimming. We made dinner. We got both girls down to bed before 8 pm - IN THE SAME ROOM!! Which left ample time to drink wine and watch a movie. (Note: We watched 'Something Borrowed' - Good-tearjerky chick flick with a twist at the end that I didn't see coming and I still don't know how I feel about it. I recommend as a rental.) It was a great day!

Next stop on this little story-telling adventure: 3:30 am. Charlotte woke up and I gave her a bottle. Court got up too to get a drink of water. We both went back to bed within 15 minutes and quickly made our way back to dreamland.

Fifteen minutes later, I awoke to Court writhing in agony. I figured he was having a Charlie horse. But when he started shaking like he was being electrocuted I knew something was wrong. The pain - which he described as a thunderbolt of electricity - traveled from the base of his skull down his left shoulder but not into his arm. He kept saying that something was wrong with the nerves in his neck. His feet and hands all worked fine but he couldn't move. It was much too painful.

Immediately, my mind jumped to worst case scenarios. Heart attack. Paralysis. Aneurysm. To me, it wasn't a question of whether or not we should go to the emergency room it was I don't think we can get to the emergency room fast enough.

Court on the other hand thought we should wait. That the pain would eventually go away. We endured what seemed like electrocution every minute or so for an hour when I finally began calling every medical professional in our family. They all concurred. He needed to go to the emergency room.

We got dressed, out the door and eventually made it to the ER - which could be an entire blog entry in and of itself if I didn't know Grace was about to wake up from her nap any second. (Tip: It is helpful to know where the nearest emergency room is BEFORE there is an actual emergency.)

The silver lining in this whole ordeal. There was no one seeking treatment at 6 am on Monday and we were able to get in, get out and get home before the kids woke up! Ohhh!! And Court was ok! That was also great news!

He was diagnosed with a severe muscle spasm which sounds like a more intense charlie horse if you ask me. But seeing it with my own eyes - not even experiencing it for myself - I think it needs a name more like the-most-excruciating-pain-outside-child-birth-and-passing-kidney-stones-a-human-being-can-endure. You know - something very medical-y and technical. Hmmm...maybe it needs some latin thrown in the name for good measure...

Anyway,  he was given some medication and sent home to rest and relax. It was going to take a while - as in days - for the pain to subside. Dinner and the concert were clearly out of the question. So the poor guy spent his one and only day off in the ER. Not exactly the drunken food frenzy we had been envisioning but grateful (oh so VERY grateful) that it wasn't anything more serious.

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