Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Cake

For Grace's second birthday, I made a red velvet cake. I love red velvet cake. Come to find out, Grace isn't into cake. GASP!

Because we went out to dinner the night of her birthday and she devoured an entire bowl of vanilla ice cream, we did cake the next day - the 15th.

When we woke up on the 15th, Court's sister-in-law was in labor. Grace, Charlotte and I went to gymnastics in the morning (an hour each way) like usual. As we were headed home, I got a call from Court. Being the amazing brother he is (if I do say so myself), Court decided to surprise his family and fly back to Philadelphia to meet the new addition. His plan was to fly out of Seattle so we packed up the kids in just moments, threw everything in the car and headed over to Seattle. (Court to fly to Philly and me to do some Christmas shopping with the girls! As Court was taking red-eyes and spending less than 12 hours in Philly, we didn't think it wise to try and pull off that kind of traveling with two kids in tow.).

Well, that's all great Katie but what does Court's brother's baby have to do with Grace's birthday cake??
Don't worry. I'm getting there.

Because we hadn't done the cake on Grace's actual birthday and now it was the 15th and we were literally throwing clothes, toys and strollers in the 'Burban, I wasn't about to let this homemade cake go to waste. As the car was in the driveway, running to get warmed up, I slapped some candles on the cake, sang 'Happy Birthday' and then cut the cake in half, placed it on a paper plate and carefully wrapped it in aluminum foil.
I was not about to leave the cake behind. It was coming with!!
We dragged it all the way to Seattle only to discover Grace didn't want anything to do with it.
So that left me with a hard, HARD job - but somebody had to do it.
Somebody had to eat that delicious red velvet cake.
Luckily, I was the right 'man' for that job!
hehehe - very convenient!

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The Gimlins said...

Way to start her off right with the red velvet (my fave too)! I'm sure she will come to appreciate it someday. :)