Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

This has been the holiday season of traditions - new and old.

In continuing with a tradition carried over from Court's childhood, we visited Seattle.
While Santa's elves open up shop at 9:30 am the line starts forming faaarr earlier than that. To secure a coveted spot in line, (it literally takes an hour to go through about 5-10 families) our fearless leader (AKA Dad) popped downtown at around 6 am.
That left me to wake, shower, feed, dress and comb my the girls' hair and get them downtown without tears by 9:15 am.
While standing in the cold for three hours may sound daunting to some, I am here to tell you that several times during the morning I was cursing the fact that I WASN'T the parent standing in that line - alone, quiet, with coffee and newspaper in hand. It actually sounded like bliss. (Does that tell you something about how chaotic mornings can be with two small children?)
Regardless, we made it - with no tears on my part.

Court was able to get a great place in line - next to the woman (and her teenage children) who we stood in line next to last year!

Grace preparing for Santa's arrival.

He's here!

Hmmm...not sure if I want to sit on that guys's lap.

Charlotte was asleep during the entire wait in line. As you can see, we woke her up just as we placed her on Santa's lap.

Grace, on the other hand, was wide awake and wanted nothing to do with sitting on Santa's lap. Santa was great. He recognized instantly that Grace was on the fence about him and instructed us to get the rocking horse. Seeing that she had more than one seating arrangement option, Grace relaxed (although not completely) and allowed for a few pictures to be taken (minus smiles - a common theme this holiday season!)

Hoping the professionals were able to capture something a little bit better than this! 

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