Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turning Two

So we did things a little backwards to celebrate Grace's second birthday.

First, we opened presents! 

Someone's 'excited'. 

She opened and treasured EACH gift. She really did. We had to hide the gifts so she would actually stop playing with whatever she had just opened and move on to the next gift.
We were under a time crunch...trying to get to Yakima for our dinner reservations.
Hey, I made a cake so I was not about to cook dinner as well!

Grace LOVES LOVES LOVES puzzles! 
This one was particularly hard to tear away from her.

She couldn't wait to try on her new ski gloves.

Taking them off was tough. 

I think she's going to be a clothes hound. She studied in detail this new dress from Grandma.

A true fashionista! A new brush for her new 'do'!

A fashionista who loves hair, clothes....AND TRACTORS!

A well-rounded fashionista!

Finally, the BIG boxes are opened!

What tractor loving fashionista wouldn't love a princess tower?!

After presents, we went to dinner. Like I said, a bit backwards!
Grace wore this hat on her first birthday. Strike that. 
Grace SCREAMED bloody murder when I tried to have her wear this hat on her first birthday.

So we gave it a try on birthday #2.

No screaming but she's definitely not into it. 

Luckily, Daddy was!

Grace was TOTALLY focused on her bowl of vanilla ice cream.
Guess we'll be doing the cake tomorrow!
Like I said, a bit backwards but memorable nonetheless.
Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss Grace!

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Megan said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!!! I love all your gifts; what a lucky girl!! Have a great year! As a side note, Paige wore that EXACT outfit (same dress and tights) to a holiday party last night. :)