Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree and it's Traditions

We are really excited about Christmas this year. It will be the first time having Christmas in our home - in our beds - while starting our very own traditions. 

Christmas traditions always start with the tree and I like to have mine up and decorated by December 1. This year we purchased our tree on the night of December 1. Strike one. 

I also like to have a big, full tree with lots of strong branches to hold 1,000's of twinkle lights and assorted ornaments.

When picking out our tree at 8 o'clock at night - in single digit temps - with two young kids in tow, I admit I got a bit frazzled. I think I ok'd the third tree we looked at. Mind you, four years ago (before kids) I dragged Court to a second lot because I wasn't able to commit to a tree at the first lot without seeing what else was out there. After driving across ton and thoroughly examining all the trees in our height ranged, we ended up buying our tree from the first lot. I can be that picky when it comes to a tree.

So it came as quite a shock this year that when we got the tree home it didn't fit in our living room! We had purchased a tree too tall from our home. No fear. Court loves his tools so after taking some rough measurements, he got out his saw and went to work. In one swoop, he took off a foot and a half at the bottom of the tree and now it [EASILY] fits in the living room. Maybe a bit too easily (if you catch my drift)!

We also discovered AFTER we put the tree up that it was crooked and had gaping holes! Strike 2!

We decided to forge ahead with our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Nothing a few lights and decorations can't fix, right? I spent days attacking it with lights. LOTS and LOTS of lights. After four days it was finally finished. Behold.

With the lights and ornaments filling in the gaps it doesn't look so bad from this angle but...

you can totally see how lopsided the tree is from this angle. It looks like it will fall over any minute. Not to mention the star atop the tree looks drunk. Strike 3. 

 So far, the best part about our tree this year is the baby gate. It not only keeps our ornaments safe and sound, it strategically hides the fact that although Christmas is just about a week away - there are no presents under our tree. Have I mentioned we are a bit behind schedule this year?

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