Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

The stockings were hung laid by on the chimney couch with care... 

Santa didn't seem to mind. They were full of goodies nonetheless.

Grace was up first and thus her stocking opened first.
Side note: We have an interesting tradition we are carrying forward from Court's side of the family.
Stockings - from Santa - opened first.
Gifts from the family - under the tree - opened AFTER (gulp!) breakfast.

Charlotte - our little sleeper - finally woke up...all smiles of course!

Everyone in their Christmas jammies!
I'm in my post-partum pj's that are juuusst now starting to fit...three months post partum. UGH!

Grace took all of Charlotte's stocking stuffers and claimed them for her own.

She even relocated them to the kitchen.

Typical big sister maneuver right?
They are {YAWN} MINE!!!

Homemade bread dough pancakes...

Me doing a little jig because the bread dough turned out and breakfast was delish!

Breakfast eaten, kitchen cleaned up and everyone showered and dressed, we could begin tackling graciously opening gifts.

Great Grandma W joined us and finally got to see Charlotte's baby blues!

I wore a dress...and heels. Crazy I know.
This was my chosen outfit partly because it was Christmas and I wanted to dress up but mainly because it was the only thing that fit. I think my baby weight knows that this is it's last hoorah because there probably won't be any more babies (insert sigh and tear here) in the future. My ass, knowing this fact, is having a hard time saying good bye to the 15+ pounds I've got left to drop.

Nana and Boppa came to join the festivities.

We hosted Christmas and therefore we did all the cooking.
I should say Court did all the cooking. He prepared a fabulous feast.
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, homemade rolls (I did make those thank you very much!), green beans and sweet potato souffle. For dessert, I made a pumpkin cheesecake. So good!
Lucky for us, we made a TON of leftovers!
I'm still drooling! It was that good!

Charlotte's first Christmas.
It came and went so quickly just like all of her firsts. It makes me a little sad that everything with Charlotte is happening so fast. There isn't the time - like with Grace - to drink it all in.

All gone?
Only 364 shopping days left 'til next year!
Merry Christmas!

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